Search engine optimization and website promotion include a set of measures aimed at increasing traffic to your site by attracting search traffic to the site in the first place.

That is, the target and most interested audience, most of which with a very high degree of probability in the future can become your regular customers and customers.

In this case, the promotion and promotion of the site is carried out using measures to improve the quality of your site so much that it becomes attractive both to search engines and to users of the Internet.

As the name implies, the complex of such measures can be divided into two main subsections - search engine optimization of the site and the actual promotion of the site in search engines.

Search engine optimization site.

Search engine optimization of sites is carried out in order to optimize the program code of the site and its structure to the type optimal for the search engines.

Search engine promotion sites.

Search site promotion is carried out after site optimization and is aimed at increasing the "credibility" of your resource on the Internet and includes work from the preparation of advertising texts and analysis of the network situation in your market segment to the placement of information about your site on the most authoritative resources .

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